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See 5 Things Your Behaviour On Social Media Says About You That You Don't Know | CNR

Ever heard of personal branding? Well if you've heard about it before, this is an opportunity to improve yourself the more. But if this is the first time you're coming across that phrase, you've landed yourself on the track of self-improvement. 

Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of other people about yourself. It is simply a practice of people marketing themselves as brands.

This is the dawn of a new year; and people are making new resolutions and changes to improve their lives and become better than their old selves. Now one area of your life you must pay serious attention to this year is those impressions your behaviour on social media create about you in the mind of your friends and followers on different social media channels. 

Therefore, we shall look at five important impressions you may have knowingly or unknowingly created about yourself which you are not aware of. The knowledge will help you to re-brand yourself and improve your image in the mind of thousands of social media friends and followers.

#You have self-doubt: People who think they are beaten or defeated are always the first to announce how motivated and strong they are. The psychologists call it defense mechanism. Remember those fellows who often talk about haters and quarrel about people who hate them; they're most likely suffering from self-doubt. A confident person ignores his or her haters as if they don't exist. 

So if you are one of those who usually take to social media to tell friends about how much you don't care about your haters, you are indirectly sending a wrong message about your person. And the message is: You have inferiority complex and that is why you spend so much time thinking about people who hate you. This is actually the meaning most people read from such post.

Most people don't react or comment on such posts because if you try to guide them right, they would be very aggressive and probably add you to their list of haters. Just know that nobody want to associate with a hated person. So if you come announcing that you are the most hated person on earth, be sure to lose my friendship. 

#You are immature: The fact that you didn't post photos of you picking some items at Shoprite or Pizza cannot rule out the fact you've been there. Similarly, coming to tell us how wicked all men or all women are simply because your relationship hit the rock will not fasten reconciliation process or even ease the pain of breakup. It often show how immature you are when you always bombard peoples timeline with several photos of you at Pizza or any restaurant you visit.

If you cannot resist the temptation to post all the photos in your device on social media, you hardly can resist any thing else. If you announce breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend on social media, what will you do when you have a quarrel with your spouse  in marriage? Grow up dear! It goes to tell how much you cannot manage any situation or keep a secret.

So before you take to social media soon again to post things that should rather be personal, think again before exposing how immature and naive you are. Truth is that most people don't care about your personal problems and challenges. If you achieve anything by posting such info online, it is the bad impression that you cannot keep any secret or manage any situation without panicking. Don't post just anything because you need more 'likes' and 'comments' from friends. 

#You are not sociable: How often do you show willingness to engage in activities with other people; like or share people's posts, initiate friendly discussion or reply to chats from your friends? If you don't do this regularly, it's an indication that you are not a sociable person. Electronically mediated communication, like real life communication experience, offer us basis for knowing who is fun to be with in real life or otherwise. 

If you are always too busy to reply to messages from friends or even start discussion with new friends why then did you send them friend request of accept their request? I have meet a couple of friends on social media who taught me new ideas and expose me to great opportunities simply because they found my company enjoyable. They too, made it possible. I am not saying you must chat with all the friends on your list as there are those 'dry' and dormant ones. Just make sure you are not one of those dry and uninteresting persons in your friends' list.

#You are not ready to settle down: Let me divert a little here. If you are on my friends list but your name start with 'Itz Mhiz' or 'Itzz YuoBoy', then enjoy my friendship while it lasts. When I need space for more useful friends on my list you might be the sacrificial lamb. I don't befriend people with fake identity. That's by the way! 

Settling down in this context means marriage or taking a job. Some ladies want to settle down with a man in marriage but their behaviour on social media is saying just the opposite about them. If as a young girl you roll out with your 'Nigga' and chill out with 'Mannest man' or your 'Partner in crime' day after day, you are simply telling people that are still enjoying your youth and not ready for marriage. I do not mean you should not go out with friends and have fun but I'm saying it should be done responsibly lest it create the impression that you are promiscuous and too loose. 

Moderation should be the watchword here. Again, if you want to settle down but have a role model in Kim Kardashian or Maheeda, you may need some 'mental restructuring' as most men don't like to be involved in scandals due to the kind of lady they marry. No employer want to recruit a young lady or man whose name begin 'Itz Mhiz' or 'Itz YuoBoy' unless such employer is looking for a clown.

#You are too rigid and opinionated: Have you noticed that some guys are just too opinionated and always too rigid to consider other people's views on issues? We also see them on social media. To such people, every single view they express is fact that cannot be corrected or challenged. Any attempt to correct them must be resisted. 

In some instances, they would warn the person to ignore their post. We come across people who are not teachable every day. Who think they know virtually everything. Even when the view they expressed is clearly wrong and fallacious, they try to build walls around their little world. I am not suggesting that you should not hold opinion about issues but is will be blatantly stupid to the tell people that what is black is red and still want to force it down their throat...(Part Two to be cont...)

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