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2019: You are a Day-Dreamer, Contest for Councillorship First, Buhari's Minister Blasts Founder of Sahara Reporters, Sowore | CNR

Founder of popular online newspaper, Omoleye Sowere's ambition of becoming the next President of Nigeria in 2019 has met its first backlash from Nigeria's Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, who asked Mr. Sowere to run for local government councillorship first.

Omoleye Sowere and Adebayo Shittu were in involved in heated in heated exchange on a public affairs radio programme on Fresh FM in Ibadan on Saturday, Premium Times report.

Mr. Sowere was Ibadan in continuation of his campaign for president in 2019. He arrived Lagos from United Kingdom, UK earlier in the week.

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Shortly after the programme began, Mr. Sowere, in his introductory remark told Mr. Shittu that the President Mahammadu Buhari government he is serving would be kicked out in 2019.

"Minister, it is great to see you. This is the minister of an outgoing regime; the Buhari regime will be kicked off power by 2019".

But Mr. Shittu swiftly fired back, describing the Sahara Reporters publisher as a daydreamer.

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"By your wish or by God's wish? You are just dreaming. You are a daydreamer", he said to Sowere but to which young presidential hopeful replied saying, "By the wish of the people of Nigeria, Sir. It is not a dream. It is the realization you'd wake up to on February 15".

He had barely concluded when Mr. Shittu retorted: "Sowere, what's your electoral worth? Whether in your Ife home (town) or any part of this country". "My electoral worth brought you to power in 2015. Nobody even heard about many of you in 2014", Sowere fired back.

The minister thereafter said Mr. Sowere didn't know about him because he (Sowere) was inconsequential in politics. "You are inconsequential... he fumed.

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But in defence, Mr. Sowere said he was consequential because Mr. Shittu and other like him came to power by the efforts of young Nigerians like him.

He said, "I am consequential because you came to power on my back, on our back...on the back of young people who invested a lot of hope". 

In response, the minister described the publisher as a mere noisemaker. "What did you invest? Did you invest more than me, No? I will not sit here and allow someone make noise. You are just a noisemaker".

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