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Permanency: Volunteer Defies N-Power, Writes President Buhari for Permanency in Civil Service | CNR

Despite threat of dismissal by N-Power against any beneficiary who engage in campaign for permanency in the civil service, a Niger state N-Power volunteer, Musa Baiwa has expressed defiance by penning down an open letter to President Mohammadu Buhari, explaining why 2016 N-Power beneficiaries should be granted permanency in the nation's civil service.

The volunteer said the open letter become necessary given the fact he could not be granted access to the President for face-to-face discussion on the content of his letter, adding that such restrictions left him with no other choice than open letter through the social media channels.

"I would have loved to tender this request letter face to face if given the opportunity to meet with the president but as a result of my inability to reach the president in person, I have decided to channel this letter openly through the social media hopping it will surely get to the table of our able president. I wish to tender my apology for making it public but I believe Mr president will understand with me and give this letter due consideration", he wrote.

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While drawing the attention of the president to increasing rate of unemployment in the country which has led young graduates to be roaming the streets after graduating from college, Mr. Baiwa, in the letter titled " The Need to Give Npower Beneficiaries Permanent Appointment", urged the President to take advantage of the transparent process that characterized N-Power recruitment in 2016 by converting existing beneficiaries to permanent staff in the civil service.

"Sir, if you can cast your mind back to the last 16 years of steady democracy in Nigeria, you can recall and agree with me that, within the16 years, there were no much jobs for the Nigerian youths. Most of them graduated and were roaming the streets in search of non existing jobs until you came onboard. In order to fulfil your campaign promises, you brought in N-power with the idea of providing jobs for the youths during which about 200,000 thousand graduates were temporary employed.

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"For sometime in Nigeria, the recruitment process which was used to select the youths was a transparent process devoid of hitches and and manipulations hence Nigerians were taking unaware as most of them were thinking it was a mere political joke but to their own surprise, the payment started and it is going on. Many youths for the first time in their life got bank alerts and have been smiling home with #30,000 every month.

He then listed some of the numerous benefits and impact of the programme in Nigeria and Nigerians and argued that the only way to sustain such a great impact is by giving beneficiaries permanent employment into various ministries and parastatals in order to curb the menace of  unemployment and its consequences.

"It may interest you to know that this program have a great impact on the life of Nigerians: The primary school system which have been abandoned is now getting momentum as a result of N-teach beneficiaries posted to them as teachers.

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"The increase in food production last year(2017) sir is no doubt the handiwork of the N-Agro beneficiaries. They have gone (and are still going )to the nooks and cranicks of Nigeria to educate farmers on how to go about agricultural production to increase yield and for a long time have the extension workers reached the rural farmers again and our country can boost of zero food importation.

"The primary health care sector have also receive a boost as a result of N- health workers as most of the abandoned health facilities are being used by N-health beneficiaries to render services to the host communities.

"As good as the programme is, there is this phobia that have gripped the beneficiaries. The fear of being thrown back to the streets when their contractual period elapsed in which there will be no bank alert again with untold hardships. Sir, the worst poverty that can kill you is the one after you have tasted money before.

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"If care is not taken, most of the thrown away beneficiaries will engage themselves in economic and social vices which may brings about unrest among others. We therefore call on our unrelenting, amiable, and ever ready president to happily convert the well trained and equipted N-power beneficiaries and give them permanent employment into various ministries and parastatals in order to curb the menace of  unemployment and its consequences.

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