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You will be Exposed in Few Days, Shehu Sani Threatens Elrufai | CNR

Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani has said that Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai's antics and lies against him will soon be laid bare.

The Senator said that by using the Police or the military to frame him, Governor El-Rufai will not still have the comfort desperately need.

Police in Kaduna state had recently named Mr. Sani as a person of interest in a murder investigation in Kaduna state and had forwarded a letter to the Lawmaker requesting him to appear on April 30 at the Command Headquarters in Kaduna for questioning.

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But in what can be viewed as a reaction to the invitation, Sani said the governor was using Police and Army to frame him.

"Governor Elrufai,using the Police or the military to frame me will not give you the comfort you desperately need", he wrote on his personal Facebook account. 

"You sue me in four courts for defamation and now you are up for another mischief of so called Homicide. You shall fail as you always do. All your antics and use of state power and resources to stain me will not work. 

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"We will continue to fight your tyranny,arrogance and contempt against our people in Kaduna. Your plots,lies and frame up will not work. You will be exposed in matter of days. Your name is failure and it will remain so", Shehu Sani said.

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