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2019: Fear Grips 2017 N-Power Beneficiaries as Buhari, APC's Future looks Gloomy After Mass Defection

Things are currently not at ease for many 2017 beneficiaries of the Federal Government's Social Investment Programme, N-Power as their future in the scheme now look uncertain following Tuesday's mass exodus from the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC by some National Assembly members.

The 2017 N-Power beneficiaries who have been waiting for their deployment since March 2018 were relieved of tension last week after a top N-Power official, Afolabi Imoukhuede announced that plans have concluded to deploy the beneficiaries on August 1.

They are also to be paid their first ever monthly stipend by the end of August.

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But on Tuesday, after weeks of political manoeuvring, 37 members of the Federal House of Representatives and 14 senators dumped the ruling APC to the opposition People Democratic Party, PDP in a move many believe will determine winners and losers in the next year's general election.

The N-Power programme is an initiative of the ruling APC.

The development has led the President Mohammadu Buhari-led APC government to assuming minority position in the two chambers of the National Assembly. A situation analyst say have exposed President Buhari to possible impeachment before next year's general election or defeat at the polls if he insists and eventually contest.

Some of the beneficiaries who spoke to CNR Nigeria told our correspondent that they are under heavy anxiety as their future in the scheme now look even more bleaker than ever.

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"Recent happenings in the National Assembly is sending a serious red alert to those of us who are waiting to be deployed for the very first time as beneficiaries of the President Buhari's N-Power programme. Every informed Nigerian know that no new government want to continue with the policies and programmes of the previous administration especially when the incoming government is formed by another political party. I am worried about this development", says Uche Chiefo who is waiting to be deployed in Abia state.

For Adeniyi Samuel, another waiting beneficiary in Osun state, it has become difficult to think straight anymore about his future in the programme that he has decided to hand it to God in prayers.

"In fact, I don't know what to think again. We were due for deployment since last year but they continue to delay our posting and see what is happening. To think that President Buhari will have a free ride to power in 2019 with the latest "transfers" will be denying the reality. However, it is my prayer that he wins because anything to the contrary will spell doom to us but God forbid".

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Another beneficiary, Ufuoma Oghenetega, a Delta state waiting volunteer said that though he is following the recent events in the political domain, his mind is already made up to accept any eventuality.

"Nothing is new in the whole thing that played out. I'm not surprised at all. This is Nigeria and Nigerian politics. I expected the President to plays his card well but whatever the outcome of the whole thing, I have made up my mind to take it. I will not allow it to affect my happiness. God knows the best for me at any point in time.

But for Nnadi Chinelo, a volunteer in Anambra state, all hope is not lost as she believe that most Nigerians especially N-Power beneficiaries will massively vote for President Buhari in 2019.

"I know what is happening. But I'm confident that the President will contend with them all and emerge victorious at last. Those leaving the President's party are corrupt people. And that is a welcome development. I trust that Buhari will win because that is the only way our stay in the Programme can be guaranteed", says Chnelo who appear unperturbed by recent events.

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