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Permanency: It's Practically Impossible to Absorb You - FG Replies 2016 Npower Group

The Federal Government on Tuesday reacted to the communiqué issued by the leadership of the 2016 N-Power beneficiaries, G-111 for Permanency, insisting that exiting the programme after two years is not negotiable.

G-111 for Permanency, a group rooting for absorption of 2016 N-Power volunteers into the federal civil service at the completion of their two year term in the scheme had at their meeting in Lagos last week issued a communiqué, explaining the rationale for their demand.

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The group had in the said communiqué argued that though they were not ignorant of the terms and conditions of the programme which allows beneficiaries to stay for two years, however maintained that their two years period in the scheme had exposed them to enormous skills and competence which the federal government should not risk losing, as such move will inflate the already high figure of unemployed people in the country and subject the ex-volunteers to untold hardship.

"We are aware that the Federal Government N-Power programme has a defined period of time it can accommodate beneficiaries. However, it is our considered position that since beneficiaries have within their stay in the scheme learn enormous skills and competence to provide quality service in teaching, healthcare, and agriculture sectors, they have qualified to be absorbed into the system currently suffering from acute staff shortage.

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"We maintain our carefully considered view that it is only by absorbing the 2016 beneficiaries that their good work and excellent performances can be consolidated and sustained. Throwing them back into the streets to start roaming for unavailable job will amount to the greatest disservice any responsible and people-oriented government can do to the citizens", the group had said in the communiqué.
But in a swift reaction to the issues raised by the group, the Federal Government on Tuesday said it stand by it's original agreement with beneficiaries which clearly stipulated the duration each beneficiary will spend the scheme.

Reacting through a statement posted on N-Power verified Facebook page and signed by the Senior  Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation and Youth Employment, Afolabi Imoukhuede, the government said it does not recognize the group which it described as " illegitimate and faceless ".

"My attention has been drawn to a communiqué released by a group of 2016 N-Power Volunteers under the aegis of "G-111 for Permanency" and I think some of the issues raised demand my swift response as my office was particularly referenced in the communiqué.

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"Firstly, I want to appreciate all 200,000 2016 N-Power beneficiaries for your remarkable contributions to fill the gap in the education, health and agricultural sectors in your various communities. Since you started in December 2016, you have contributed tremendously to national development. I also appreciate your sincerity by stating the fact that "have benefited so much" from the N-Power programme. It is however important to state categorically that the N-Power office do not recognize any Illegitimate group such as G-111 and would not deal with any of such faceless groups in that regard.

It reiterated its earlier stance that the programme is a volunteer programme of two years which does not give room such demand.

"With the youth in mind, the N-Power programme is a strategic component of the Federal Government's NSIP to serve as an employability enhancement opportunity for our young graduates. To accommodate more people in the scheme, the programme was designed to roll for a period of two years and this plan was at different times disclosed to all our beneficiaries even before their enrollment in the programme. It was designed like that so that at the end of every two years, we can accommodate other people who may be deserving of this lifeline as well.

"I want all Npower beneficiaries, especially those in the 2016 batch to know that whilst the federal government has funded and continues to fund the payment of their stipends, the various places of primary assignment where they daily engage are managed by the various states and local governments under the federal government system that Nigeria is. As such, it is practically impossible for the federal government to absorb ALL Npower beneficiaries into the Federal Civil Service and neither can the federal government mandate any state to employ Npower beneficiaries. What has continued to happen however is a constant engagement with the various state governors to extend invitations to compete, to our hardworking volunteers for any job vacancies in the various sectors of Teach, Health, and Agriculture wherein they have served meritoriously. We also enjoin our volunteers to prepare themselves competently to compete favourably in the labour market for any other private sector beyond even the government", the statement read in part.

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N-Power therefore enjoined all N-Power beneficiaries to remain committed to their work and also seize the opportunity to gain experience that will make them self-reliant.

Read Full Statement Below;


  1. The greatest trick and strategy the devil pooled on the world, is making everyone believe dat he doesn't exist, The Nigerian government has the capacity to absorb and pay all her unemployment graduates, but our politicians have succeeded with their strategic politics of interest and deception to create the impression that Nigeria is broke,but when elephants projects that will promote their interest sprank up Nigeria can afford it as a matter of nation importance. Its a shame that we the youth just 200,000 of us for now can not be absorb because one politician whom is open by the benevolence of this same country, whom attend free education, whom was given a job without applying for it is now telling us that permanency within the Npower programme is not achievable shame on you, we're highly disappointed in you. We will not give this issue of permanency we no our president have a kind heart as father God will touch him and he will surely put a smile on our face. Its quite unfortunate that in this country some privileged politicians perceived and stereotype we the youth as If we have no right to demand, enhanced n push for our collective interest, look at the derogatory statement Mr Afolabi used on us, that the G-111,is faceless a group of concern youth came together to push and demand for their interest you called them faceless.

  2. A lifeline indeed,I am heartily grateful to the government.In life,as in this stage of our development,we have to choose of either been a soldier or a fighter to make ends meet and this is lamentable for the calling of prophecy.


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