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Volunteer Threatens "Indefinite Strike Action" If N-Power Fails to Punish Those that Don't Go to Work

Following the threat by vocal N-Power group, G-111 for Permanency to expose every N-Power beneficiary who receive monthly stipend without doing any job for the scheme, an N-Power volunteer in Imo state, Chuks Mmaduka has threatened to embark on "indefinite strike action" should managers of the scheme fails to move against the defaulters.

The volunteer decried what he described as "observed moral decadence and favourable disposition towards corrupt practices" among Nigerian youths who reacted to the news of the threat issued by G-111 for Permanency.

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Writing in a "personal letter" he forwarded to CNR Nigeria, Mr. Mmaduka regretted that those who diligently carry out their duties at their respective Places of Primary Assignment (PPAs) were reduced to a laughing stock and object of mockery by many others who violate the agreement.

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"I have taken some time to monitor and study people's reactions to the news of threat issued by G-111 for Permanency against N-Power volunteers who do not go their PPAs. What I can make out of the whole thing is that those who violate the agreement with N-Power do so with contempt and utter disdain. This is quite disheartening.

"A closer look at the numerous responses by some volunteers to the story shared in our Facebook group simply points to the level of moral decadence, bankruptcy and favourable disposition towards corrupt practices among the youths of our country. They proudly castigated, reduced those who do the work as laughing stock and object of mockery. This is clear evidence that Nigeria is far from eliminating corruption as it now look like internalized social behaviour among our youths.

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"Isn't it troubling that many of my friends and schoolmates who applied for N-Power in 2017 could not get the opportunity whereas already fully and gainfully employed civil servants, bankers, businessmen, serving corps members and many others who have no intention of doing anything for N-Power were given the opportunity? Worst of all, even a police officer told me he succeeded as a volunteer. What a country!

"Now my message to N-Power managers is simple: Take immediate and decisive action against this set of beneficiaries before the end of August or risk loosing my services in the classroom. Come to Ihioma in Imo state and see the impact we are making. At least if I cannot be appreciated for serving my community and nation diligently, I equally expect not to be mocked or laughed at for that same reason. I will embark on an indefinite strike action should N-Power handlers fails to act immediately. Enough of this nonsense. It is not my duty to expose those defaulters but right now I am ready and willing to do so. Their insult is too much.

"It will be the height of injustice against me if those defaulters can show such contempt and go unpunished. At least showing example of some of them will send fear and tension in the rest. If N-Power lack idea on how to go about this let them come to me. I'm full of ideas and can help. But if they fail to act immediately, I will see them as accomplice in this criminal act of countless beneficiaries. Ensure my massage gets go them", Mmaduka wrote.

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Recall that 2016 N-Power group, G-111 for Permanency had recently issued a statement vowing to expose every N-Power beneficiary who is being paid by the scheme but doesn't go to work at their  places of assignment. They group claimed that the action of such beneficiaries hinders the success of their demand for permanency in federal civil service at the end of their period in the programme.

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