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N-Power: Crisis Rock G-111 Leadership Over Exit Package, Permanency Options

Vocal 2016 N-Power volunteers group, G-111 for Permanency, famous for leading the campaign for absorption of volunteers into the civil service has been thrown into crisis following disagreement among it's ranks on the best option to settle for.

The group is said to be currently in crisis as its leaders were divided on the best option to take after the federal government, through the aide to the President on Job Creation ruled out retention of beneficiaries and promised to announce exit package for the first batch of beneficiaries due to exit the programme by November.

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A member of the group, Fejiro Okoso who represents Delta state volunteers made the disclosure to CNR Nigeria, adding that the National Publicity Secretary of the group, Bolanle Abiodun has been barred from making public statements or releasing press statements in the name of the group.

He said the disagreement is mainly between the National President and the group's Publicity Secretary, Bolanle Abiodun who have been very instrumental to the success of the group.

"We are currently in crisis. There is a lingering disagreement on the best option to settle for. Some top members opted for the proposed exit package but another top members are opposed to it. From the look of things at present, it seems the issue is between the President and the Publicity Secretary. And members have taken sides already, making it difficult to resolve the crisis and speak in one voice"

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Asked to explain the options each sides favour, Okoso said the Publicity Secretary is in favour of exit package while the National President is opposed to the idea.

"Bolanle is pushing for the group to focus on getting the best bargain for beneficiaries through the proposed exit package. She has advanced strong argument to that effect and even the vice president, one Okechukwu from Abia appears to be in support of Balanle's position.

"You can see that both sides are not ready to shift ground. The other faction have argued that the proposed exit package might be only a ploy to lure the beneficiaries and discourage the agitation. They fear that it may end up being a Greek gift. You'll notice that it took the us two weeks to react to Mr. Afolabi's last Facebook live chat. The problem started just the live chat.

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On what he thinks is the opinion of majority of their members regarding the options, the Delta state Nteach volunteer said it was difficult to say at the moment.

"It is difficult to say for now. Both sides have strong reasons. I think the vast majority of our members are still undecided. Many are saying that both sides should wait for the government to announce the plan before anything else. This is my own position too. Even Mr. Afolabi said during his chat that it was not wise to reject what you don't know".

He noted the President's group appears to be going political. "But right from inception we agreed never to politicize the agitation. We owe a lot to this government that has benefitted us thus far. No political calculations. What we stand for is the best for the beneficiaries who are working tirelessly in our communities".

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Recall that the federal government had through Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, a top N-Power official rejected Permanency demand of beneficiaries but promised to announce exit package for the 2016 N-Power who are due to exit the programme by November this year.


  1. Any exit package is meant for immediate satisfaction,all what we need from federal government is to give us Permanente job. Thanks.

  2. All we need is to be absorbed into government work no amount you will give us that we will not finish but rather give us a lifetime opportunity by giving us a pensionable work. Really hoping for your sincere consideration


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