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Permanency: Five Important Takeaways from Mr. Afolabi's Facebook Live Chat | CNR

Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede speaking during the Facebook live chat 

On Wednesday June 27, 2018, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, Senior Special Assistant to President Mohammadu Buhari on Job Creation came live on Facebook to address some pressing issues and offer explanations to some often-asked questions about the activities of Npower, one of the Social Investment Programmes of the Federal Government.

During the live engagement which kicked off by 8:00pm, Mr. Afolabi addressed issues ranging from device collection to permanency campaign and deployment of 2017 successful applicants among others.

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One of the major issues both existing and incoming beneficiaries were eager hear was the government position on the agitation for absorption into the mainstream civil service.

In this report, CNR Nigeria highlighted five major points made by Mr. Afolabi on the very controversial issue of permanency. Below are the five takeaways from the crucial live chat.

1. Npower should be seen as an extended NYSC: Mr. Afolabi explained during the live chat that Npower can best be viewed as an extension of National Youth Service Corps, NYSC and as such has a clearly stated exit date. He said: "The reality of this programme is that there must be an exit... I want you to always recall NYSC. That is an enhanced and and extended improvement to NYSC. Nobody go to NYSC and start a campaign that NYSC must permanent him...".

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2. Instead of permanency, the Federal Government is weighing possible exit package for outgoing beneficiaries: While he ruled out any possibility of granting the beneficiaries their permanency demand, Mr. Afolabi however, explained that the Federal Government is considering possible exit package for outgoing beneficiaries. He did not however, explain the nature of the package (grant, loan, subsidy etc). He stated that government is working on the exit plan, adding that it will soon be communicated to the beneficiaries.

3. Some states of the federation are perfecting plans to absorb Npower beneficiaries into their state civil service: He revealed that some states are already making arrangement to absorb Npower volunteers into their state civil service. He said: "There is a persuasive communication going on to encourage the state governments, as much of them that can, to absorb the beneficiaries. And I know some have stated doing it". He specifically mentioned Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna as some of the states that will grant permanent appointment to hardworking beneficiaries. He said state governors have seen the value in what the beneficiaries are doing.

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4. Existing beneficiaries are expected to have gotten a viable business plan and saved part of their stipends to kick start their business after exit: Mr. Afolabi noted that the scheme have always encouraged beneficiaries to identify business opportunities and save part of their monthly stipends to start the business after exiting the programme.

5. Only hardworking volunteers would likely get permanent appointment in their respective PPAs. He stated clearly that retaining a volunteer can be from his PPA or state as Federal Government have no plan to do so.


  1. We the npower voluntees 2016 batch are appealing to the federal government to considers us for permanent jobs in our PPAs.we are the ones holding those schools because most of their permanent staffs don't even comes to school regularly because of non payment of their salaries for months,some have reach retirement and resigned so most of the schools are virtually empty if not the presence of npower staff there will be nothing like public schools again.Benue state in particular most of our schools are empty and head masters find it even difficult to talk to this teachers because no salary payment to them.so if the federal government wants to revives public schools to help the poor in the society them volunteers can not be thrown out just like that those school wiil die and the aim of the federal government is defeated.we are only appealing to our humble president baba buhari to reconsider us for the available opportunities in teaching lines.God will bless our president for having us at heart.thank you all.

  2. Enter your comment...1.One of the major problems facing our country is unemployment. It will be a huge plus if the federal government would, if possible, on the bases of this platform absorb the beneficiaries. 2. if it's exit package then it should be a reasonable amount to enable them start up business. So far so good, we are grateful to Mr. president for his kind gesture. We support him for 2019, baba carry on, No shecking.


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