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Five N-Power Groups to Petition National Assembly, Demand Resignation of Buhari's Minister

Barring any last minute change of plan, five powerful N-Power volunteers' groups are set to storm Nigeria's National Assembly with petition demanding immediate resignation of the minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management & Social Development, Ms Sadiya Farouq, over her 'continued inability to effectively manage the affairs of N-Power beneficiaries'.

N-Power volunteers corps, one of the social investment programmes of Nigeria's federal government is designed to engage the services of young graduates in the education, health and agricultural sectors within a defined period of time.

The volunteers are paid monthly stipend of $81 per month.

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The participating groups are G-111 for Permanency, N-Power Enhanced Advocacy Movement, Coalition of N-Power Permanency Campaign Groups, Movement for the Actualization of N-Power Permanency and N-Power Permanency Advisory Council.

N-Power beneficiaries are demanding resignation of Ms Sadiya Farouq over what they described as her obvious incompetence and lack of capacity to manage a government ministry.

Bolanle Abiodun, G-111's National Publicity Secretary gave the hint to CNR Nigeria.

She said they have lost confidence in the minister hence the decision to pass a vote of no confidence on her.

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"N-Power volunteers have lost confidence in the minister managing their affairs. She has consistently shown that she is incapable of running their affairs. What we are saying is that she should resign honourably".

N-Power beneficiaries are using a hashtag to demand immediate resignation of Ms Farouq on social media over persistent delay in payment of their monthly stipends at a time Nigerians are experiencing difficulties resulting from government's stay at home order to curtail spread of he new coronavirus in the West African country.

There are growing concerns that many families will be subjected to hunger if the lockdown of economic and commercial activities in the country continue.

Justin Tsegba, a volunteer who appears to be leading the agitation said that volunteers are fed up with Ms Sadiya Farouq's obvious incompetence and high headedness, adding that it is time for the volunteers to stand up for their rights which is what they are now doing.

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"We're on course to assert our dignity as equal citizens of our country. We are not beggars. We are a privileged people who have the opportunity to receive higher and quality education.

One task before us in the coming days is to keep the heat on Ms Sadiya Farouq to resign! She is grossly incompetent, clueless, proud, arrogant and high headed. We must teach her humility the hard way", Tsegba wrote as he rally volunteers to continue the call for her resignation.

Ms Sadiya Farouq has yet to react to the development but expert say resignation from public office is not a popular political culture in Nigeria, where tribal, political and religious inclination is fueling divisions among the suffering masses.

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  1. It will be too nice of her if she resign voluntarily for the progress of the ministry.


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