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Any Girlfriend You Maintain Financially Is A Liability Not Asset - Reno Omokri | CNR


United States based Nigerian pastor, Reno Omokri has advised men against settling down with any lady who put a benchmark on how much a man must earn to qualify for marrying her, adding that there was no different between such girl and a prostitute.

Pastor Omokri argued that such girl can only marry your money but not you; even if you earn more than her required amount.

"Dear men, never marry a women who says she can't marry a man earning below a certain amount. Even if you earn above her required amount, if you marry her, you do so knowing that she did not marry you. She married you money.

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Posting under his regular 'Reno Nuggets' through his official Facebook account, the former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan advised men to drop like "hot iron", any girl who has such attitude towards marriage.

"And if she has that attitude while you are courting her, drop her like hot iron! A bachelor is required to maintain his assets, not his girlfriend.

"A girlfriend that you maintain financially is a liability not an asset. The only females that God require a man to maintain are his wife, his mother and his unmarried sisters, if his father is late.

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In a related development, Mr Omokri has advised men against marrying a lady because of the size of her breast as it will one day fall  but never to rise again.

He said: "If you marry a girl because of big bosom, note that that cleavage will one day fall and never rise again. The only in woman that improves with age is good character. If you find beauty and good character, good. But you can't get both, choose good character. And when dating a girl, sometimes pretend not to have money. Be conscious of her demeanor when you spend on her and when you don't. Does her love fluctuate as your expenditure on her increases or decrease? If yes, don't marry her. If no, consider marrying her", Pastor Omokri counseled 

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