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Permanency: Tension Builds as Leadership of 2016 N-Power Volunteers Meets Over Mr. Afolabi's Live Chat

President Mohammadu Buhari

Indication has emerged that leadership of the 2016 N-Power beneficiaries known as Concerned Npower Volunteers will convene an emergency meeting to evaluate the recent live chat by a top N-Power official, Mr. Afolabi Imuokhuede.

Top on their agenda, CNR Nigeria gathered, is to critically examine the position of Federal Government as represented by Mr. Afolabi on their demand for permanence in civil service.

A member of the group who preferred anonymity told our reporter that the meeting has become necessary to enable the group review the government position and react to it in one voice, adding that members of the group were happy when Mr. Afolabi acknowledged their earlier letter to President Mohammadu Buhari demanding for permanency.

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"Yes we followed Mr. Afolabi carefully during the live chat and we greatly appreciate his sincerity of purpose and commend him for acknowledging our earlier open letter to President Mohammadu Buhari. Our hearts are gladdened to know that our effort is yielding results. At least the President and other concerned stakeholders like Mr. Afolabi received our letter.

"However, we not comfortable with some of the things Mr. Afolabi said particularly in respect of our sincere agitation for permanency. We take it for granted that Mr. Afolabi spoke the mind of the Federal Government. And as such, there is the urgent need for us to come together and review the issues he raised especially as they have to do with our agitation for permanency".

Asked when and where the meeting will be held, the Concerned Npower Volunteers group member said his group prefer to keep such information private.

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"I don't think it is necessary to disclose that to you now. Our agitation is peaceful and persuasive in nature. We are not ungrateful to Mr. President and the office of the Vice President that run this programme. What we are saying is that it will be in the best interest of our nation and our people to retain these volunteers whose positive  impacts are currently being felt in every nook and crannies of the country".

Responding to a question about whether they would lead a protest to press home their demand, the volunteer said such action is not in their agenda, adding that their approach is strictly persuasive.

"We have no such plan to lead a protest to press home our demand. We are mindful of our limits and wouldn't want to abuse a privilege. What we do is to assemble intellectually sound volunteers to craft powerful persuasive communication to make our political leaders appreciate the urgency of our demand.

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"We believe that only sound reasons other than physical agitations or protests can draw us closer to our demand. We constantly remind the Government of the need to retain all active volunteers across the nation.

On whether they would settle for the proposed exit package as hinted by Mr. Afolabi, he said is part of the issues they will consider at the meeting, adding that volunteers should organize themselves and remain steadfast as what they are asking for is possible and achievable.

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  1. Yes is very possible and achivevable for them to do. May the Lord make our president and others think about it that way. Good luck.


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