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2019: APC Promoting a "Lifeless" Buhari for Second Term - Omokri

United States-based pastor and former aide on social media to President Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to the trending report by the Financial Times that United States president Donald Trump expressed regret after his meeting in April with President Mohammadu Buhari warning his aides against bringing someone as "lifeless" Buhari ever again.

Omokri expressed shock that the same person Mr. Trump referred to as "lifeless" was the one the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC is putting forward for reelection as president in 2019.

"So President Donald Trump called Nigeria’s President Buhari “a lifeless person” and said “I don’t want to meet him again”! And this is the same lifeless person the APC is promoting for a second term?"

He blame the worsening economic situation in the country and well as loss of 10 million jobs on Mr. Buhari who he said infected the economy with lifelessness.

"No wonder our economy has become so lifeless that 10 million Nigerians lost their jobs! No wonder our economic went into recession. No wonder they said it is better to give land for cattle ranching than to die! The question Nigerians should be asking themselves Is this: Is Buhari the type of character we want as our leader, as our face to the world?" Omokri questioned.

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