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"Get Ready for Jobs in NNPC, CBN, Others", Sowore Reveals His Plan for N-Power Volunteers

The Presidential candidate of African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has urged Nigerians to reject the N-Power and Trader Moni of All Progressives Congress (APC) for jobs in better sectors in the country. Sowore lamented that while politicians reserve jobs in Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) among others for their children and relatives, they are going about distributing Trader-Moni to the masses.

“It is time for the masses to get jobs not through N-power but in NNPC and CBN,” he charged when he arrived the country from the U.S.

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“These jobs should not be reserved for the children of politicians while Trader-Moni is reserved for your mothers and brothers.”

Sowore posited that the country would be a better place for all if its leaders had the interest of the people at heart, adding that it was time to hand over the baton of leadership to those with vision.

He noted, “It is time to take this country from those who have destroyed it. As we know, Nigerians are tired of the same old set of people who play politics of bitterness. As a revolutionary movement and a political party, we are determined to take this country from those who have destroyed Nigeria and give it back to people who are ready to make a success of the future of Nigeria. It is not by accident that people who are leading our movement are the young people of Nigeria, who have been left behind by the legacy political parties. Whether they are PDP or APC, we are putting an end to their reign come next year.”

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According to him, the current crop of politicians has proven to be deficient in all spheres, hence the need for the change of governance, saying the country is in dire need of leaders who have understanding and practical approach to the many challenges it is facing.

“We cannot continue to vote people who continue to spend the country’s money on medical trips abroad because there are tired and ought to have retired, he stated. “They cannot continue to manage the affairs of the country for another four years. Some people are even saying we should wait for another four years, but I am sorry, we don’t have four more years to wait. In fact, we should have done this four years ago, and by now, be talking about second tenure. Since we didn’t do so last time, now is the time to retire Buhari back to Daura. Now is the time to retire Atiku, who is supposed to be a retired custom officer. It is time for him to go back to his village as well.”

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He lamented that Buhari’s government could not meet the demands of N30, 000 minimum wage while they earn huge sums of money from tax-payers.

“You can imagine, the people who are saying they cannot pay the N30, 000 minimum wags are earning N14 million per annum. If you earn N30, 000 per month, you have needed to work for 35 years to earn N14 million. Their children are going to school abroad with our own money. It is time to demand our rights; enough is enough!”

Source: Sahara Reporters

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