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More Than 70% of Batch C N-Power Volunteers Not Going to Their PPA - Ex-N-Power Volunteer

Former N-Power volunteer and outspoken permanency campaigner, Justin Tsegba has said that no less than 70% of the N-Power batch C beneficiaries does not carry out assigned duties in their respective Places of Primary Assignment, PPA. 

Tsegba, a 2016 N-Teach volunteer popular for his outspokenness in the agitation for permanency for N-Power beneficiaries stated this in an interview with CNR Nigeria.

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While noting that the programme is gradually loosing its essence, the Ex-volunteer regretted that N-Power programme has deviated from it's founding objective of ensuring the employability of Nigerian graduate through on-the-field training. 

"What is going in the programme shows a clear lack of policy direction by the managers of N-Power. It is not enough to sit in high offices in Abuja and take it for granted that beneficiaries are doing the job. There was a deeper sense of commitment among beneficiaries when the programme was in the office of the Vice President".

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He emphasized that N-Power was established with the aim of empowering young graduates with skills and competencies for employability in the highly competitive labour market, adding that lack of monitoring mechanism has created a leeway for the current volunteers to get  paid every month for work they did not do", he said. 

"I am going to be a bit controversial once again. More than half of the batch C beneficiaries of N-Power programme do not do their job. They get paid for doing nothing. It's well over 70% of them. This is a total deviation from what was obtainable in our own time. We were afraid that N-Power supervisors might visit our PPA anytime apart from the fact that we were really committed to the programme because we saw it as a lifeline".

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He blamed the ugly trend on the ministry managing N-Power programme, insisting that as far as no mechanism is in place to checkmate the excesses of defiant volunteers, the current practice of ghosting and getting paid would be far from ending.

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